After travelling Australia and South East Asia, Mikaela Kautzky returns with one sick collection of collages. Creating peace of mind, these pieces are not just for the eyes. Kautzky created a zine featuring these works as a way to understand the emotional toll she experienced overseas dealing with jarring juxtapositions.

“I saw beautiful landscapes contrasted with devastating pollution.  Wealth and privilege opposing extreme poverty. Enlightened, sustainable, communities and individuals clashing with deteriorating, uneducated and ignorant people. I'd experience a rollercoaster of emotions myself, feeling both naive and wise simultaneously. Somedays hopeful, others hopeless.”

“This zine and my upcoming project, LESS_N, are my way of expressing, creatively, what I feel is going on in the world. The purpose is to expose the endless sum of global conflicts. I want to contrast these negative scenes with the beauty and miraculousness of the human spirit. Finding happiness and purpose within struggle rather than buckling under the burden knowledge brings.”

Instagram: @ghostfacemikillah