The legalization of skateboarding in Peace Park has made a tremendous difference in liberating Montreal’s skate culture. The park, located on Saint Laurent just below Saint Catherine, is a big, open space surrounded by an unbelievable amount of perfect manual pads and ledges – putting Montreal street skating on a whole other level. Since the early days of skateboarding, it has been a place for people to meet up, hang out, and skate all day. Many locals know it as the heart and soul of skateboarding in Montreal.

However, there have been some major incidents that set back the progression of the park and caused skateboarding to become a “crime” worthy of a thousand dollar ticket. David “Boots” Bouthillier (click here to read more about him) is an active member of the Peace Park community. He has been working on shaping the park into a peaceful environment for both skaters and citizens and even made a film documentary about the park’s history as a Montreal landmark. After 12 years of hard work devoted to demonstrating the beauty of how all worlds can come together at Peace Park, David got the city of Montreal to legalize all skateboarding activity.

To celebrate the new law, Boots organized the first legal skateboard contest at Peace Park for the next three Tuesdays: August 26th, September 2nd, and September 20th. The contest is called “Skate Jam and Tea Tuesdays” and it serves free jam on toast, provides sick live DJ’s like Vincent Pryce, and usually throws a rad after-party. The contest is broken up into four obstacles, each obstacle gets $125. Whoever performs a good trick starts at $5 and whoever tops that trick gets more and more money until the $125 is over. Boots explains, “this way everyone can win something and have fun.” He has a vision for the skate community that compares to no other and has worked his hardest to create a positive environment for skateboarders to beautify mundane objects and give life to the park.

Boots is also offering free skate lessons for kids every Thursday. He is truly making the community and city a better place through the act of skateboarding — and that’s all for the love. Thank you, Boots for demonstrating such persistent and genuine leadership in the skate community. We hope to see you all at the contest this Tuesday!