Michel Poulin, a Montreal native, is a woodworker and cabinet maker who’s been ripping since ’86.

"I started skateboarding basically by a fluke. I was at my cousin’s place, I was bored, and my mom popped out a banana board and suggested I try it. And its been her damnation."

Michel developed his interest in wood working through his aunt who was a professional when he was a little kid. He always helped her out and after a few years of  playing around with it he had developed a driven passion. He enrolled himself into cabinet making school, so he could establish his incorporation of skateboarding and woodworking. Since then, most of his pieces are customs. He has done all kinds of furniture, mostly high end wall units. He prefers to use new decks for wood working because the designs of his cabinets have a certain curve that follows the curve of a new skateboard, allowing him to finish off each piece in a specific form for his designs.

“I usually come up with something and it’ll just sit in my head for a month or two until I get that inspiration—I’ll be on the street or the internet and say, ‘oh fuck yeah, that’s the shape I want,’ or ‘that’s the material I want to use.’”

You can see emotion and drive through his work. That every piece shares a special feeling or energy of its own. Beautifying the entire space that its in by influencing rawness from routine objects.

“Every cabinet has taken on a life of its own.” 

He combined his passions of skating and cabinet making to create high-end custom wall units and furniture out of decks. Michel has made quite the mark on the Montreal skate community with his company, SKart Designs.

“Montreal is great cuz it’s a small scene; nobody’s here to make a buck or get famous or be on some team or whatever. We’re all here by passion and by love and that’s what skating is. That’s what skating was for me when I started, and I mean no one was making a living off of skating then. I find that Montreal has kept that to its core, just doing it for the love.”

 Michel has also been contributing to the DIY skate park in Montreal, P45. This concrete project has been bringing the skate community together since it started last summer. Michel has been one of the many people to wake up at 7 am multiple times a week to work on building the park.

“P45 brings the skate community together. It’s a meeting place, it’s a hangout spot, skate spot, working spot…you see the guys show up at 7am to work. Kids will show up that don’t know how to work at all, and we teach them concrete work. A lot of guys come to the project, learn concrete work and then go somewhere else and start building stuff on their own, which is great because its making more spots in Montreal or maybe some small community. Taking that knowledge so that people can have skate spots somewhere is great. It’s a long process but its fun; you skate it and see what needs to be tweaked.”

He is influencing a very  innovative lifestyle for local skateboarders. His ambition to service his local skate community gives off a much appreciated recognition for keeping things honest to skateboarding in our modern day society. It is comforting that such creative and visionary people such as himself truly value the essence of skateboarding. We admire his hard work and legendary status. All our respect goes out to you Michel.