What do sexy handcuffs and cut off Barbie doll heads have to do with skateboarding? How about cigarette butts and lingerie covered with skid marks? You are probably scratching your heads right now,  and so were we after watching videos such as "Hoephase" and "Blowie Bunny" - two unprecedented skate videos by Chicago filmmakers Matt King and Gene Belanger. Without a doubt, Matt and Gene have been pushing Chicago skateboarding through some of the most jaw-dropping, hyper-sexual, and artistic videos skateboarding has ever seen. You may recognize them as “Ssquirted”, Matt and Genes shared alter ego that produces and showcases their video work. The brilliant yet disturbing experiences that they create for viewers has not only grabbed our attention, but has turned heads all across the skate community. Both dudes just became the two new team members of Boston’s Fancy Lad Skate Co. and have already put out a collaboration together titled FANCY LAD X SQUIRTED. We scoured the internet trying to find out what the hell they are thinking when they make these damn videos but we came up empty handed, so we decided to ask them for ourselves.

Typically, we e-mail our interviewees a list of questions and have them send back answers, however Matt and Gene requested that they make a video for us instead- so, for your viewing pleasure, here it is: Matt King and Gene Belanger for Get Born Magazine.


Instagram: @ssquirted