Nico: “Satan motivates.” 

Mason: “We are not human that should probably be mentioned.” 

Skate missions with Nico Rizzo and Mason Barnard are always the best. Eating cinnamon sticks, blazing from weird wooden devices, and listening to Masons conspiracies about the fucked up world we live in is like home to me. Both dudes have taught me a lot of important things when it comes to friendship and skateboarding. Skateboarding connects people on different levels. Its a world of mutual understanding where people find comfort in self destruction.

Nico: “Skateboarding brings a bunch of different people together. Skatings like an obsession for lots of people, pretty fucking fun and healthy and lively.”

Mason and Nico have been best friends since the day Wilmette Skate Park opened in the suburbs of Northern Chicago. When they met, Mason asked Nico who he rides for, Nico pulled a little dinosaur from his pocket and said “This guy”. Six years have gone by since and Mason still has the same dinosaur Nico gave him that day. Skating brought them together at a young age and has kept them tight till now. When both of them are back home in Chicago their always skating with each other, and usually with the same filmer. They undoubtedly skate to their full potential because they share similar understandings of how to get down .

Mason: “Its hard to find someone who wants to skate a ledge or a manual pad for a long period of time. Nico does though cause he skates that shit too.”

Both of them are extremely exceptional individuals. I have been through many situations with them that seemed like a bad idea at the time but turned into complete adventures. Always fun and always crazy, their views on life are different and un thought of by any other person I know.

Nico: "Skate parks are a mans way of keeping skateboarders off the streets, just try to skate spots not parks."

Both of them have gone through various sponsors, shops, and competitions ranging from Arizona to Chicago, but the only thing that kept them motivated to skate was themselves and each other. Thats the beauty of their skateboarding, no over hype, just real shit, and super good too.

Mason: "Skating is a natural drug in a way, its healthy."

Nico: "I love getting tricks or even getting roughed up, makes me feel like a babe is giving my brain a lap dance."

Mason: "And a lot of people are good, you have to just do your own thing."

Nico: "Yeah that too. Do whats fun, otherwise skating will become a struggle or something, I feel like my favorite skaters are the ones having the most fun."

The power of their friendship affected me personally and impacted the beauty of what helped me create. Without their insight and good words I would have never made Get Born. They were the first people to encourage me to start working on the idea I had for the website and go with it. So I did, and here it is. They taught me the importance to respect and cherish your homies. Listen to their advice (stoned or un stoned) because most of the time they have their best interest for you. I value Mason and Nico like brothers and fully look up to them for being the raddest kids out there, keep on keepin on you shit heads and thank you for the awesome advice.