Born and raised in Montreal’s west neighbourhood, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Charles LeMoyne sheds light on the NDG skateboarding culture. With over 250 videos all filmed and edited by Charles himself, his youtube channel represents the healthy perspective of west side skateboarders. In a series he created called “Crazy Night Missions,” he and his homies cruise through Montreal on late night skate missions, hitting some bars and getting into mischief with the things they encounter. In other videos, he highlights individuals within his community whose efforts have made a significant contribution to contemporary skateboarding. With some of these videos reaching over 700,000 views, it is clear that Charles’ work has had a significant impact on people and has made them aware of what’s going down in Montreal’s west-end neighbourhood. Another series of episodes called “Serial Quick Clips” features NDG shredders, whom Charles described as “a family of dudes,” skating local spots and parks. These videos consistently update local shredders within their community. Charles is also one of the lucky few who was able to document and be a part of two legendary skate parks, the Orkus and No Damn Good, which have since been closed down. These videos allow the culture, events, and stories of these places to live on. He is helping the innovation of skateboarding by keeping his community active, through the creation and distribution of his videos. However, his artistic talent is not limited to videography. He recently displayed some of his artwork in the Escape Bored exhibition, which he produced and organized with his homie Wolfe Girardin. Charles and his crew created a series of paintings and multi-media works using decks as a canvas. He talked to us about his creative process being a “freestyle approach” through the use of mixed media. Most of his and Wolfe’s pieces were individually produced, although there are a few collaborations with some well recognized Montreal street artists.

Support the dudes on the west-end and view or purchase the pieces from Escape Bored through Visual Pollution on Etsy – its definitely worth a look!